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going to bed early is the new going out

a bit knackered, most of the time

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adoption, alan bennett, alexander technique, almonds, alt.country, annora spence, antonia forest, antonia white, baking bread, barbara kingsolver, being relentlessly organised, being rubbishly antisocial, berlin, big skies, black orchid, bruges, butternut squash, buying too many books, carlos sorin, carol shields, cats, charlie and lola, charlotte bronte, climbing over stiles, coffee, cold weather, cooking, corduroy, cressida cowell, cultural history, david hockney, david lodge, deborah cameron, decluttering, delicatessens, dick bruna, dille & kamille, donnie darko, eddie mair, edith wharton, er, etchings, gardening inexpertly, ghost world, going back to work, goldmark art, green beans, hating fish, infertility, intellectual history, jeffrey eugenides, jonathan franzen, k.m. peyton, kate grenville, koen broes, kristin hersh, l.s. lowry, lincolnshire, linen trousers, literary criticism, liz phair, long conversations, long walks, lost in translation, lunch with nice people, manchester, maps, martyn joseph, max velthuijs, maya gold chocolate, mick inkpen, miffy, mike leigh, misha glenny, nigel slater, non-fiction, old libraries, oldish houses, painting quirky animals, parenting, people watching, philip larkin, procrastinating, radio 4, ranting, reading alone in cafes, reading on trains, rebecca west, red wine, ruby ferguson, salads with fruit in, seaside towns in winter, secondhand bookshops, simon armitage, singing in the car, slovenia, small cities, small hare's monkey feet, sociolinguistics, solitude, sonnets, spelling mistakes, spring, suzanne vega, t.s. eliot, teaching, the idaho falls, the sound of rain, the word 'nevertheless', tulips, vic chesnutt, villette, walking, watercolours, writing, yorkshire three peaks

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